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Why is My Homemade Yogurt Grainy?

Grainy YogurtYogurt, a favorite snack food also edible for breakfast and lunch, is a pudding-like grocery good made from natural bacteria of milk fermentation. We enjoy this custard-like food in many ways such as a fruit toppings cool dish, shakes or frozen. Yogurt is also used as a replacement of milk or sour cream or cheese in cooking. In the Middle East, yogurt is eaten with meat and vegetable sauces.

What Makes Homemade Yogurt Grainy?

Overheating the milk will make the yogurt grainy so, you need to observe the temperature well. Good thing, the yogurt maker will prevent this from happening.

Now that you already know the reason why homemade yogurt is grainy, you can always make a delicious and creamy yogurt that will provide you and your family with satisfaction.

What are the Advantages of Making Yogurt at Home with a Yogurt Maker?

1. Yogurt maker makes the process of making yogurt at home simple.
2. It helps you create your own yogurt flavor easily.
3. It is best for novices in making yogurt.

Benefits of Yogurt to the Body

Yogurt has several benefits to the body because it is probiotic, which means that it has several good bacteria.

One of the many benefits of probiotics is the adjustment of the balance between good and bad bacteria in the body especially in the intestines. These good bacteria also act directly on the functions of the body like digestion and immune function. Just remember that commercial yogurt containing probiotics are those that have “live cultures or active cultures” on the label.

Yogurt is also made from milk. Therefore, it has animal protein and other nutrients like calcium potassium, magnesium vitamin B2 and B12.

How to Make Yogurt?

To make yogurt, you need to culture milk with active and live bacteria such as (L. acidophilus). In commercial yogurts, Lactobacillus bulgaricus is used instead of L. acidophilus. On the other hand, homemade yogurt is made by putting a small amount of commercial yogurt on boiled milk. Just keep the heat at 45° Celsius.

But wait! Sometimes, homemade yogurt becomes grainy. So, you need to avoid this. Check out how in the succeeding paragraphs.

Homemade yogurt ingredients

1. 4 ounces whole milk
2. 1 tbsp plane yogurt

After preparing all the ingredients, mix and incubate them in the yogurt maker. Of course, you need to follow the yogurt maker instructions. But if you don’t have a yogurt maker, you need to have the following:

1. A cooler (medium or larger)
2. Glasses or quart size containers made in plastic such as empty bottles of soda or pitchers.
3. kitchen thermometer
4. 12 glasses
5. Half or whole gallon of lowfat milk.
6. Live culture and unflavored yogurt or commercial yogurt
7. Powdered milk to make the yogurt thicker (optional)

1. Heat milk about 76C to 82C.
2. Sterilize containers.
3. Turn off the burner and cool the milk once it reaches 76C or 82C by stirring it.
4. Put it into the containers.
5. Put into the coolers for fermentation process for about 6 hours.
6. Check yogurt if it’s done.
7. Cover and put it into the refrigerator.

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